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Korean Drama Quotes - You Who Came From the Stars (2013)

Title: 별에서 온 그대 / You Who Came From the Stars
Broadcast period: 2013-Dec-18 to 2014-Feb-20
Main Cast: Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, Park Hae Jin, Yoo In Na

Drama Quotes, You Who Came From the Stars (2013)

Korean Drama Quotes You Who Came From the Stars

It seems like funny things do happen as we live on. - Jang Young Mok

Whether we live 80 years or 100 years, there's no person that would say life is long enough. Everyone says it feels as short as taking a nap. - Dong Min Joon

Love has a weapon of sexual pleasure, which is based on sexual desire. In the process, humans make the sweetest and the most passionate fantasy. - Dong Min Joon

All of you will sometimes wonder whether love will last forever. However, your love will not last forever. The expiration date of love follows the law of nature. And humans cannot escape the laws of universe. - Dong Min Joon

If love is something sacred, then that's because it prospers and continues the race. It is nothing less or more than that. Therefore, do not allow the precious things or people in your life to suffer because of the brief illusions of love. - Dong Min Joon

Jealousy is one of the most childish and crude feelings that a person can feel. It's an emotion resulting from the fear that the affection from our partner may, instead, be bestowed upon someone other than one's own self. - Dong Min Joon

Korean Drama Quotes You Who Came From the Stars

A farewell should be done ahead of time. Because when the time really comes you won't have time to say good bye. - Yi Hwa

Before I met you, I had no hope about my future. I only had resignations and resentment. But after I met you, I looked forward to my future for the first time. For the first time, I desperately wanted to live. - Yi Hwa

There are moments I want to stop forever. Like the moment the person I love dies from pain. I didn't want to see it or believe it. I couldn't do anything. It was a moment I felt completely helpless. - Dong Min Joon

Do you know why people fear death? Because they will be forgotten. Even if they disappear from the world, the world remains the same and they will eventually be forgotten. I was not afraid. Even if I left this world and went to a different world. Even if no one remembered me.  I did not care. But right now, I am a little afraid. There is someone whom I don't want to be forgotten by. Right when I have to leave for another world. - Dong Min Joon

Open your heart. Someone will come. Someone will come for you. But you'd have to open your heart first. - Chun Song Yi

If you depend too much on one person when you're going through a crisis then it could be exhausting for both you and him. Try not to depend on him. Picture deflating a balloon. Try to slowly resolve your inner conflicts through your hobby and other friends. - Doctor

Korean Drama Quotes You Who Came From the Stars

Making eye contact is also very similar to touching. When humans meet the eyes of the one they love, their brains produce dopamine to preserve the sense of well-being. Your heart rate increases by two-fold when you're kissing. The oxygen intake increases more than 20-fold. Even the blood pressure momentarily shoots up as well. So you will feel your heart racing and feel out of breath. You could also feel light-headed and be deceived into thinking that you're in love. However, all of these are mere playful games of skinship and your hormones' trickery. You shouldn't fall for it. Do not be deceived. A fast beating heart... And falling in love must be distinguished. - Dong Min Joon

If you leave, after you've come to care deeply for someone, then wouldn't your heart feels ache. The person who's left behind will also be heartbroken. - Jang Young Mok

Before blaming others for not being on your side, think about why you couldn't keep them on your side. Perhaps, the reason you're lonely is in you - Dong Min Joon

You ask me once, how did I live alone for such a long time. If I weren’t lonely. If I lived alone, I didn’t feel lonely at all. But now that I loved someone, and think that I have to leave her, make me feel so lonely. As if I’m the only one in the universe. - Dong Min Joon

If I can turn back time, I hope that I would never meet him. Then no matter how much he swayed me, I would not be swayed. I wouldn’t like him either. - Chun Song Yi

Just thinking about the days without him makes me so sad that I want to die. - Chun Song Yi


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